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Women in Construction Mentoring Program (GRADUATION & AWARDS DINNER)

Tanzania Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH) believes that mentoring has a significant positive impact on women’s careers. In this regard, we launched a
mentorship program with the goal of creating an inclusive environment for women
in the construction industry. The idea is to help students and recent graduates
make a smooth transition from the academic environment to professional work in
The program offered an opportunity for professional development, networking and
an exchange of ideas between women in the industry and the next generation of
women construction industry leaders. As such, this mentorship program provided
mentors and mentees with the opportunity to work on their leadership and time
management skills and reflect on the importance of ethics and service to others. It
is such a rewarding experience to see to the successful end of this two-year phase
of our continuing program.
Congratulations to all of our mentors and the 41 graduating mentees. TAWAH gave
distinct recognition to the 16 mentors who went above and beyond what was
expected and who won the “Best Mentor” of year awards. Hongera sana!
Special thanks go to Tanga Cement for sponsoring the program and ITV for full
coverage of the graduation and awards dinner. Team TAWAH is extremely proud to
have pulled this together. Last but not least, thanks to Prof. Bernadeta Killian –
Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Dar es Salaam, for being our Guest of Honor
and for supporting our program.

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