What We Do


We design, construct and improve:

  • Housing facilities
  • Sanitation facilities
  • Educational facilities

We facilitate:

  • Economic and social empowerment programs
  • Advocacy

In order to achieve Tanzania’s vision for a well educated, peaceful, stable, united, and economically competitive country, we believe all groups of people must be included in society. TAWAH supports inclusion through the design and construction of facilities that accommodate marginalized groups. We promote the consideration of the needs of marginalized groups in land-use planning and building design. TAWAH facilitates sustainable income projects to economically empower marginalized groups. We engage the community in programs that raise awareness of the discrimination and challenges experienced by marginalized groups and foster relationships, providing a path for social acceptance and inclusion.

As women architects and scientists, TAWAH networks, conducts research and shares ideas with other women professionals and women living in low income communities. Connecting women with women underpins our work. Through the collective construction of shelter and sanitation infrastructure, TAWAH teaches practical skills to low income women who can in turn use those skills to generate new economic opportunities. TAWAH facilitates trainings for women on financial management and ownership. These activities aim to empower women socially and economically.