Gloria, a Tanzanian, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture from Ardhi university. Gloria is a young woman with strong determination and enthusiasm; she is a volunteer at TAWAH and takes passion in it wholeheartedly. In the epoch of time, she has developed a strong sense of devotion in serving the non-governmental organization as a beneficiary for humanity program in the outskirts of the Tanzanian community. This experience has given her deep appreciation for how NGOs and women in general seek to improve the quality of life for communities and lifting other women up.

Gloria Yohana


Ashura Simai Abdulrahman, is a fifth year student at Ardhi University pursuing a degree of Architecture. She has obtained a professional practice training in architecture at S&M Architects in 2018 and site construction practice at MASASI CONSTRUCTION LTD in 2017. She also attended the field training on Urban design with CBA, Dodoma in January 2019. Ashura has actively participated in a number of workshops including workshops organized by LAFARGE, KNAUF and ANTHONY ALMEIDA AQRB LECTURE SERIES. Ashura is passionate about sustainable and environmental friendly designs.  

Ashura Abdulrahman

Student (Ardhi University)

Magdalena Msimbe holds Bachelor of Architecture degree from Ardhi University. She passionate about sustainable architecture and strong advocate of development of inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable environment and communities. She attended the 2015 Summer School Workshop; “Climate Generates Spaces” in Ifakara organized by Lucerne University of Applied Science and Arts in association with Ardhi University. Magdalena is a registered practicing architect in Tanzania.

Magdalena Msimbe

Registered Architect

Joyce Said is passionate about community led projects and inclusive design. She is a fifth year student of Architecture at Ardhi University. Through her university curriculum, Joyce has obtained professional practice training at MEKON ARCH CONSULTANT Ltd in 2018 and site construction practices at IVORY TOWER in 2017. she also attended the field training on urban design in Dodoma in January 2019.

I have attended several workshops with DARCH, LAFARGE and KNAUF concerning different architectural design consideration in cities and inclusive design criteria. I am interested with communal projects of which I believe I can achieve through the use of Architectural knowledge that can be implemented during the design and construction stage with the consideration for people of all income level, different ages and status. 

Joyce Said

Student (Ardhi University)

Ng’walu Chopeta is a Bachelor degree student in Environmental Engineering at Ardhi University. She is the first child in a family of three children. She loves to read and spend quality time with the people around her. She lives in Dar es Salaam, together with her family. At a young age she learned that giving back to the society was such a rewarding experience. She is very interested to help out her community as a volunteer.

Ngw’alu Chopeta

Student (Ardhi University)

Jackline Shayo is a graduate Quantity Surveyor from Ardhi University.  She is highly motivated to work in different areas of construction field so as to manage to utilize her profession for the betterment of the industry and herself. She is very passionate about new technologies of construction techniques and materials and she wishes to take further studies to advance her career.  Besides her profession interests, Jackline is very interested in entrepreneurship in clothing industry. The reason she is volunteering with TAWAH is to fulfill her passion to help marginalized communities and giving back to societies.

Jackline Ludovic

Graduate (Ardhi University)

Lucy Fungo holds degree of electrical engineering from Dar es salaam institute of technology (DIT). She gained her practical experience on electrical engineering  field by working with Tanzania electric supply Company (TANESCO) and RADI services limited. Lucy Fungo is very hard worker, creative, innovative and works well with the team.  she is currently working with Tanzania women architect and humanity (TAWAH) as a volunteer.

Lucy Fungo

Graduate (Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology)