Dr. Victoria M. Heilman

Dr. Victoria M. Heilman / Executive Director

A registered practicing architect in Tanzania. Victoria is passionate about helping communities in need through her knowledge and expertise in Architecture. She is the co-founder of the Tanzania Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH) and served as a chairperson from 2011 to 2020. Victoria is the founder and managing director of Alama Architecture (formerly known as VK Green Architects). A company that she established in 2012 while teaching at the Ardhi University; School of Architecture and Design. Victoria decided to leave her teaching career at the Ardhi University in 2018 to devote more time to Alama Architecture and TAWAH. She holds a PhD in Architecture from the University of Stuttgart in Germany, a Master’s degree in Architecture from the Catholic University America and a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Dar es Salaam – UCLAS in Tanzania. She was a Ford Foundation Fellow in 2004, an Eisenhower Fellow in 2016 and a Mama Hope Global Advocate in 2020.

Arch. JOYCE SAID / Programs Manager

Joyce Said, a registered practicing Architect with a Bachelor degree from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam and four years of experience in the Construction industry. Currently serving as the Programs Manager at TAWAH and an Assistant Architect at ALAMA ARCHITECTURE in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, she is also the Member and Secretary of Tanzania Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH). Joyce actively engages in mentorship as the Mentor in the 2022-2024 Women in Construction Mentoring Program organized by TAWAH. Joyce's commitment to professional development is evidenced by her active participation in various construction workshops across Dar es Salaam, including the Montessori Workshop, Sand Cement Brick and Soil Testing Workshop, Dar Glass Workshop, and the Knauf Workshop in 2019. She stands out as one of the winners of the Challenge Fund Ideas Competition 2022 organized by the Arthur Waser Foundation, Montessori Community of Tanzania (MCT), and Alama Architecture. Her fervor lies in Sustainable Designs and Low-Cost Housing solutions. Over her four years of experience, Joyce has dedicated a significant portion of her efforts to crafting innovative designs for community schools and sustainable housing within the realm of real estate development. Her distinctive approach places a strong emphasis on inclusive designs, firmly believing that the most effective solutions are derived through close collaboration with clients. Beyond her professional pursuits, Joyce passionately contributes to the community through her humanitarian endeavors, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact through her architectural expertise.
Yohana Kisoka

Yohana Kisoka / Financial and Tax Consultant

Yohana Kisoka is a Financial and Tax Consultant, holding a degree in Accountancy from the Tanzania Institute of Accountancy (TIA). With an impressive eleven-year track record in the field, Yohana currently serves as the Financial and Tax Consultant for twenty companies, showcasing her expertise in delivering top-notch financial services. In addition to her role with various companies, Yohana is the esteemed founder and managing director of REBY BUSINESS CONSULTANTS, a firm dedicated to providing exceptional Financial and Tax Consultant Services. The company, situated at Goba Contena Omega House, first floor, in close proximity to St. Joseph Millennium Secondary School, operates across different regions in Tanzania. Yohana's professional growth is evident through her active participation in training sessions and seminars organized by renowned Auditing Firms. Her commitment to staying current in her field reflects in her dedication to continuous learning, ensuring she remains well-versed in industry best practices. As the Financial and Tax Consultant for the Tanzania Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH), Yohana has made substantial contributions to the organization's success and financial well-being. Her proficiency and extensive experience make her an invaluable asset in the realm of financial and tax consultancy. With a relentless commitment to delivering high-quality financial solutions, Yohana Kisoka stands as a respected figure in her field, consistently making significant strides towards the success of the organizations she serves.

SAID IDRISS / Communication Officer

SAID IDRISS is a dynamic professional with a Diploma in Film and TV Production from the Institute of Art and Culture TaSUBa. With a passion for storytelling, Said has amassed five years of extensive experience in various facets of the film industry, including directing, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, and editing. Beyond his expertise in film and TV production, Said excels in the realm of communication. His skills extend to social media management and adeptly crafting compelling advertisements. Currently serving as a Communication Officer at TAWAH Tanzania, Said brings a unique blend of creative insight and strategic communication to the organization. With a commitment to excellence and a diverse skill set, Said Idriss continues to contribute significantly to the world of film production and communication.
Mohamed Nchapwaya

Mohamed Nchapwaya / Site Manager

Salma Mape

Salma Mape / Assistant site Manager