Arch. JOYCE SAID / Ordinary Member

Joyce Said, a registered practicing Architect with a Bachelor degree from Ardhi University in Dar es Salaam and four years of experience in the Construction industry. Currently serving as the Programs Manager at TAWAH and an Assistant Architect at ALAMA ARCHITECTURE in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, she is also the Member and Secretary of Tanzania Women Architects for Humanity (TAWAH). Joyce actively engages in mentorship as the Mentor in the 2022-2024 Women in Construction Mentoring Program organized by TAWAH. Joyce's commitment to professional development is evidenced by her active participation in various construction workshops across Dar es Salaam, including the Montessori Workshop, Sand Cement Brick and Soil Testing Workshop, Dar Glass Workshop, and the Knauf Workshop in 2019. She stands out as one of the winners of the Challenge Fund Ideas Competition 2022 organized by the Arthur Waser Foundation, Montessori Community of Tanzania (MCT), and Alama Architecture. Her fervor lies in Sustainable Designs and Low-Cost Housing solutions. Over her four years of experience, Joyce has dedicated a significant portion of her efforts to crafting innovative designs for community schools and sustainable housing within the realm of real estate development. Her distinctive approach places a strong emphasis on inclusive designs, firmly believing that the most effective solutions are derived through close collaboration with clients. Beyond her professional pursuits, Joyce passionately contributes to the community through her humanitarian endeavors, showcasing her commitment to making a positive impact through her architectural expertise.
Lotaris Malecha

Lotaris Malecha / Ordinary Member

An environmental engineer. Lotaris is enthusiastic about applying the principles of engineering to develop solutions which protect people from the effects of adverse environmental issues such as climatic changes. Lotaris is the founder of the Afro_Beauty_Galore. A business which she has established in 2018 while at University from her entrepreneurial interests. She would like to help people feel confident and be the best version of themselves. She considers pouring back the knowledge and creativity into the community allows her to be human and empathetic. One might enjoy a chat with Lotaris for anything business, entrepreneurship, gatherings, travels, reading, writing and music.
Catherine Meena

Catherine Meena / Ordinary Member

A graduate with bachelor of Architecture. For Catherine, project management is that grey zone between design and built environment that determines whether all the efforts and inspiration invested in project inception will come to fruition in the final built product
Nora Kessy

Nora Kessy / Ordinary Member

A quantity surveyor and life enthusiast. Nora is a supporter for sustainability through design and construction of “green” built environment. When one is looking for fun in dancing and planning events, Nora is the person to talk to.
Suhayla T Abdulla

Suhayla T Abdulla / Ordinary Member

A graduate architect and a civil technician. Suhayla is an advocate for thorough application of the locally available building materials in the improved construction techniques. She strongly believes minimizing the costs for construction projects by employing locally fabricated materials and less importation from the urban settings.
Elizabeth S Kisabo

Elizabeth S Kisabo / Ordinary Member

An architect with impeccable expertise in BIM and rendering software. Elizabeth is proficient in designing educational, commercial and residential facilities. While working as an Assistant Architect, she finds her calling in landscape design and gardening which fuels her intent to produce environmentally conscious designs. She is the one to have a chat with on everything plants and their environmental effects.
Esther Kitindi

Esther Kitindi / Ordinary Member

An architectural technologist with passion for all things crafty and active. Esther works as an Assistant Architect and managing various commercial construction and renovation projects She finds the thrill in starting new crafts, travelling to new places and exploring the world through the lens of her camera. She has no problem breaking a sweat whether on the construction site or in the gym.
Ashura Simai Abdulrahman

Ashura Simai Abdulrahman / Ordinary Member

A graduate of Bachelor of Architecture. Ashura is currently practising under apprenticeship and preparing to sit for her professional examinations by the registration board. She is experienced in design, supervision of construction sites and management of construction projects. Ashura is passionate about community service and a team player. She finds her interest in sustainable and environmentally friendly designs with emphasis on maximum utilisation of the designed spaces.
Lucy Fungo

Lucy Fungo / Ordinary Member

Lucy Fungo, is a young woman from Tanzania, graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from dar es salaam institute of technology. Lucy joined TAWAH as a volunteer on year 2019 but now she has a TAWAH membership. She has developed ambition of serving the non-governmental organization as a beneficiary for humanity program especially in the suburbs of the Tanzanian community. This practices have given her the feeling of improving others life using her carrier and by doing different staffs within her capability.
Atugonza Majula

Atugonza Majula / Ordinary Member

Atugonza Majula is a Landscape Architect graduate of Ardhi University, additionally she has obtained training in Y & P Architects Ltd as a student Landscape Architect. Believing that better spaces improve the quality of life, Atugonza has been involved in a number of workshops on improving lives with Architecture. She attended the First East African Green Building Conference held in Arusha in 2015. She also attended a workshop on desalination of ocean water and supplying to ruralcommunity in Zanzibar in May 2016. On top of that, she visited the American University of Sharjah in UAE and she is still looking forward to learn more on improving lives by Architecture.

G.ARCHT. FATMA KIGERA / A Graduate architectural technologist, Project manager & Event Planner.

Fatuma is self-motivated, committed, devoted, smart worker and creative. She strongly believes in ability and potential positive effects of arts, Social works, and ecological architecture.Fatuma likes  Travelling, cycling and meeting with new friend and she is open to learn new things every moment. You have an empty space and you want to fill it with a limited budget just one call to get your solution.

NELLY MLELEU / Engineer and HSE personnel

A registered environmental engineer and a green technology enthusiast.