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Fundraising Begins for New Project at Kawe Ukwamani Secondary School

Achieving basic quality of sanitation standards in schools is a major challenge in Tanzania. Efforts to achieve this goal face severe resource constraints, which often leads to schools overlooking issues of hygiene, health of the students and environmental qualities of schools. Students and staff have limited awareness, infrastructure and specialized trainings on how to tap into wastes and turn them into resources and ultimately improve the environmental quality of the school.
TAWAH is raising funds to improve the sanitation, hygiene and environmental quality of Kawe Ukwamani Secondary School in Dar es Salaam. Currently, Ukwamani School has 10 working toilets serving 1,079 students and staff. This amounts to a ratio of 1 toilet per 101 people, despite government regulations requiring a ratio of 1:20.
TAWAH will construct 12 new toilets at the school and renovate the existing toilets. In addition to improving the physical sanitation infrastructure, TAWAH will assist the school in establishing environmental clubs as well as conduct trainings, focus groups discussions and seminars on how to generate resources from wastes around the school.
Deteriorating toilet facilities

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