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Chairperson’s Report on Eisenhower Fellowship in USA in 2016

This report intends to share my learning experience, findings, way forward to completing my projects. I had two major projects. One was to explore new opportunities for TAWAH to make a bigger impact in terms of providing low cost housing in Tanzania. As pointed out in my initial project proposal, one way for TAWAH to make a bigger impact in Tanzania was to start working with the low paid government employees like teachers, police and health care workers especially in the rural areas to provide affordable quality low cost houses. My idea was that, provision of affordable housing in Tanzania could be done through working directly with the government, or through their workers organizations, or perhaps more informally by initiating local level groups for the specific purpose of providing members with housing but the question was how? How would one attract and manage funding? How would one manage all the resources that go into the project, these were the questions lingering in my mind that needed to be explored. My fellowship program not only affirmed my ideas but also introduced new approaches to answer these ‘how’ questions.

Chairperson’s report on EF Journey

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